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Art Of Learning

Art of Learning- Classes for the students in the age group of 12-18. This program helps students focus in studies, stimulate learning habits, orienting successful personality traits and becoming of a valued personality. This program enabling them to understand the society and becoming of a scholar.

The students can also avail to-one session with prior appointments at our centre. Our session includes

  • EFT – Methods – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • FFT – value – Fine Focal Technique
  • PAT – Analysis – Performance Analysis Adaptive Technique
  • PG – Personality Grooming.

Emotional Freedom Technique:

  • EFT is a form of psychological acupuncture
  • It is to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain.
  • Restoring the balance of the energy system allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities.EFT is safe, easy to apply, and is non invasive.
  • EFT exercises are designed to target the specific blocks you may have to receiving abundance your life. Whether you are searching for an increase in financial wealth,more vibrant health or deeper and more fulfilling relationships, EFT and the
  • Abundance Games will help you to reach your goals.

Mind Mapping – Understanding of Human Emotions and Channelising thoughts.

Understanding Mind, Body and Ability – How emotions play an obstructive role and they can be changed.

Emotional Tapping – Teaching students various Emotional Tapping points to remain forced

Programming Mind – Accepting and Manifesting positive thoughts.

Social Values – What goes around – comes around – how to create social values for each other.

Goal Setting – Affirmations and back – tracking Techniques.

Simulating Learning Habits – Cultivating learning habits – how environment can be changed passively with our Mind

Fine Focal Technique:

  • The student is given a complete battery of Focal Skills assessments, including Listening, Reading, binaural beat staying focused concentrate and Writing tests.

These entry scores are used as a baseline for measuring student progress.

Using technology to your advantage

Goals, Vision statements, Setting priorities – How personal vision statements changes our focus and to focus on priorities

Fine Tuning Goals – Sending messages subconsciously to mind and understanding self

Valuing Goals – Peer group values, changing tasks, changes in thoughts, how to bring back focus

Manifesting Positive Thoughts – Stimulating food habits, tricks in making mind understanding world.

Performance Analysis and Adaptive Technique:

  • The best overall approach for studying problems related to performance assessment
  • We formulate and study distributed estimation algorithms based on diffusion protocols to implement cooperation among individual adaptive nodes.
  • This will be short session with individual students making them present their ideas and a mentor will be appointed to see the changes in the student.

Personality Grooming:

  • Personal grooming (also called titivating and preening) is the art of cleaning, grooming, and maintaining parts of the body. It is a species-typical behavior.
  • A well groomed personality is the key to success. It is helpful to make your personality attractive and to impress people.