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ACCA Course Details in Coimbatore

Overview of ACCA Course in Coimbatore

ACCA course in Coimbatore is offered globally by the association of chartered certified accountant of UK, a global body for professional accountants.  Ledaa International is one of the best ACCA coaching centre in Coimbatore which provides a better coaching and training assessment for the students and produce more than 1000 ACCA professional per year. Ledaa ACCA coaching centre in Coimbatore is the only institute which gives real time question paper and training. ACCA class in Coimbatore has consistently held unique core value like opportunity, innovation, integrity and accountability.

ACCA Course Duration in Coimbatore

  • Work experience- 3 years
  • Number of exams- upto 13 papers depending on exemption
  • Duration – 3 to 4 years on average

ACCA Entry Requirement in Coimbatore

  • Minimum age is 16 years.
  • A student must have completed Class 12th with 60% Marks in English, Mathematics and Accountancy.

ACCA Membership in Coimbatore

ACCA in Coimbatore is the global body for professional accountants which also have over 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries.

ACCA Class Methods in Coimbatore

  • Board and chalk
  • Classroom training

ACCA Weekend Classes in Coimbatore

  • Saturday and Sunday classes are available

ACCA Assessment Method in Coimbatore

  • Weakly test and 4 mock test after completing portion

ACCA Modules in Coimbatore

  • Knowledge – 3 papers
  • Skills – 6 papers
  • Essentials – 3 papers Options – 2 papers from 4

ACCA Course Details in Coimbatore

ACCA Coaching Classes in Coimbatore is recognized in over 78 markets and has more than 80 international accountancy body partnerships. Not only this, but ACCA professionals in Coimbatore also get preferential immigration status to Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland etc.

ACCA Course Fees in Coimbatore

ACCA Course Tuition fees – Rs.15,500 (per paper)

ACCA QualificationFees
Initial registration79
Annual subscription105
*Re-registration fee79

ACCA Jobs in India

  • ACCA Careers has carried over 5,000 jobs based in India so far this financial year.
  • The top most companies like PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG recruit ACCA with good package.

ACCA Salary in Coimbatore

A fresher ACCA with required competence can expect about an annual package of 10–12 lakhs p.a. which is the average.

ACCA Eligibility in Coimbatore

  • Minimum age is 16 years.
  • A student must have completed Class 12th with 60% Marks in English, Mathematics and Accountancy.

ACCA Exam Tip in Coimbatore

  • Take time to read through all questions (15 min)
  • Divide exam time equally between all answers, let’s say 30 minutes. After a half hour start answering the next question. It’s better to come back and add something at the end of the exam, rather than waste 1 hour answering 1 question and don’t have any time left to answer the rest of them
  • Make sure you understand the question, its requirements and what examiner is asking for before answering
  • Start from the questions you know and are confident about first
  • Try to answer all questions. If you don’t have time left to answer the question properly, write down the key points, so the examiner sees that you have an understanding of this topic. It might help to earn an extra mark
  • Don’t spend too much time on the introduction, it could waste time. Instead, get straight to the point and make it clear for the examiner
  • Focus on the main points, when answering the questions. Don’t repeat the same thing many times and don’t waste your time filling in the pages with unnecessary information. Pay attention to the quality of your answers, not quantity.
  • Make sure your answer is related to the question
  • Plan your answer. Spend one minute on planning your answer, write a short plan of your answer (1,2,3) and follow it. Keep it simple, but organized and structured.
  • Leave space after each answer in case you have some time at the end of the exam and want to add something