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Welcome To LEDAA International Institute In Coimbatore

We are an aspiring and young team of CA, CMA and MBA. We have gained experience and knowledge in the field of education since 2005.Our strength is establishing perfect co-ordination between students and our faculty with best learning environment to guide you through the pathway to success. Our coaching methodology is designed to deliver versatile and market need candidates to the society.


To provide consistent quality education through excellent teaching and coaching / mentoring regular test feedback and shaping the students in every aspect of professional education and making team shine and win with knowledge and quality.

Professional Courses

CA – Chartered Accountancy,

CMA – Cost & Management Accountancy..

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Certified Course

Communicative English, Stock

Market Practices, Tax…

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Higher & overseas Study Courses

GRE (Graduate Record

Examination), GMAT…

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International Professional Course

CMA(Certified Management

Accountancy), CPA…

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We thank the Colleges, Students and Parents for their support. We take pride in serving you as one of the Premiere Private institute from the cotton city. Our student’s performance in various examinations has been the inspiration for us.

Our Services

Overseas Studies

LEDAA Overseas Education Consultants, a young company run by professionals, is committed… Read More

Visa Guidance

Welcome to LEDAA, India’s Pioneer Overseas Education Consultants. We help you in entire Vi… Read More

Tax & Auditing

LEDAA INTERNATIONAL is a leading provider of Internal Audit services including specialization… Read More

Business Consulting

A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such… Read More

Placement Training

LEDAA in campus placement training has been training students for more than a decade on ex… Read More

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